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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 14, 2015 10:00pm-10:46pm PST

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. now from ktvu fox 2, this is the 10:00 news. denmark's capital shaken by two attacks and police warn people to off the streets after gunfire erupted the a synagogue and free speech event. >> why do we still say ? >> gunshots "). >> takes you to the moment that gunfire and copenhagen say city on edge after two shootings leave two people dead and five people wounded. good evening, i'm heather holme nyse i'm ken wayne and we're getting word that people police shot and killed a man near a trainstration in copenhagen and trying to determine if that person was limped to the early
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shootings. the second shooting happened near a synagogue hours after someone opened fire at an where a cartoonist who caricatured the prophet muhammad. police say at this point it's not none if the two shoots are connected:the shooting at the free speech event was captured by the bbc and we want to warn you this audio may be disturbing. >> (gunshots). >> from iraq tonight a call for help from sunni leaders. and we have been told that they are looking into what is going on there? the call from sunni leaders in
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the anbar province. we'll get to that part. sunni leaders in the anbar province. danish police say gunmen sprayed cafe with 30 bullets before driving away in a dark volkswagen, police have found the car, but not the gunmen. >> it was just informed they were coming to a, park where they think they might be in there and obviously looking all over the parts of copenhagen where it happened. >> the victims including three police officers were rushed to the hospital for treatment. while at the scene, bullet holes lined the windows of the cafe, as police investigate. >> denmark has been hit by a very series of act of violence tonight. we feel certain now it's a politically motivated attack and thereby, it is a terrorist attack. >> the free speech event was organized by controversial
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swedish artist who was not hurt in the attack, but has received numerous death threats in past for drawing a picture in 2007 depicting the prophet muhammads a delegate. >> this is the new reality we live in, if you draw a cartoon that some people found offensive, your life is going to be atrib and it's unfortunate, but that is the unfortunate reality. after the shooting he tweeted "he is still alive. >> reporter: in new york, brian yenis, fox news. and from iraq a call for help from sun cia leaders in the anbar province. one tribal leaders say iraqi army forces could collapse within hours in their fight against islamic state extremist. just yesterday state fighters attacked the strategic airbase in anbar province. hundreds of american forces are training iraqi troop, but the pentagon says u.s. troop were miles from where the fighting
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happened. cnn is reporting that american attack helicopters were is deployed with all of them returning safely. military official say between 20 and 25 isis fightings wearing iraqi army uniformed tack the airbase, including eight suicide bombers. >> it's hard to say, you know, whether they breached the perimeter, but they certainly got to the perimeter level at the very least. and they were immediately engagement i think it's important to note by iraqi security forces right away. >> according to iraqi officials 13 iraqi soldiers were killed, islamic state fighters say they are now in control of the nearby town of the al-baghdadi. at least 25 police officers were killed by the fighters yesterday. president obama is spending valentine's day without the first lady. he left the bay area today and headed to palm springs. there he plans to play some golf. michelle obama tweeted valentine wishes to her husband and the president sent his
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greetings duration his weekly address. the focus of the bay area trip was on cyber security, with a little fundraising on the side. the president signed an executive order encouraging business and government to work together to try to prevent hacking, identity theft and other security breaches. as president obama left town, the white house announced the administration is sending aheavy hitter to try to resolve of the west cost port shut down. 29 port including oakland have ground to a halt for the second weekend in a row. shipping companies refuse to play weekend and holiday wages to the dock workers and the delays are hurting business on a global scale. >> we're about a $500 million dollar farmgate value and our export is about 10% of so we're look at $50348 impact and the ripple effect that has on the
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communities in california is tremendous. >> the shut down is affecting traffic in both directions including california's exports of produce and imports of electronics from asia. new at 10:00 flames spread flue a building in the south bay, destroying businesses and creating air quality concerns. san jose firefighters plan to remain at that site, putting out hotspots. ktvu's katie utehs explain explains the challenges of battling that five-alarm fire. >> it was just nonstop. >> reporter: san josi fire department photographer craig rhodes captured a wall flames as firefighters responded to round 7:00 a.m. >> just amazing how much water they used on here-water. >> reporter: water and hours' of fighting the fight of alarm fire left only a shell of a building along commercial street. captain munoz said it will be at least a day until investigators can get inside. >> we haven't been able to get
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into the building. it's still too dangerous and that structure is too heavily damage for to us go in. >> reporter: two businesses destroyed and the owners hurried to the scene. >> you could see smoke for miles away. i knew it was serious. >> reporter: willing to talk about the day, he didn't want to show his face, the loss of priceless cars still setting in. >> it's a 30-year collection of vehicles, you know? classic american cars, but they are gone. >> reporter: one of his employees, warned people living on the property and tried to move vehicles from the garage before crewed arrive. >> he probably had realisticcal ten minutes before the smoke starts to get to him and his reaction was just awesome. i mean he saved the life of a dog. >> the fire likely started in the auto upholstery. >> just a few moments ago this
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area was free of smoke and it's no noxious that firefighters have to put on their masks and return to douse it further. >> reporter: melted plastic, tires, chaired car parts. >> if you look to avoid the smoke, stay away from it. >> reporter: ace massive clean-up needed, but at the end of the day, what is important remained. >> thank god nobody died. that is the biggest thing, you know? things, material stuff we can deal with. >> reporter: in san josi, katy utehs ktvu fox 2 nuns. valentine's day turned into a beach day for a lot of people all over the bay area. this was the scene at crown beach in alameda. it wasn't just the beach this had the big crowd, but a lot of walking trails were filled with people. some folks waded out no the bay. it's february, you remember that? >> yes. >> other set up picnic for a good time. it was incredible weather out. >> i went for a run along san francisco's embarcadero and i couldn't believe how warm it was.
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let's check in with our meteorologist mark tamayo to tell us more about this weekend's weather and something that is coming up for the rest of our workweek. mark. >> i would head to the beach as well to do my weather research of course -- . >> of course. >> [ laughter ]. >> on a surfboard. it looks like waikiki, just beautiful with temperatures across the bay area, in the 70s this afternoon. so this was the scene today, looking out towards the golden gate bridge. temperatures a good 10-12 degrees above the average. lots of sunshine for today. take a look at the highs from today, widespread 70s for pacificca, san josi, 74, oakland, downtown, flirting with 80 degrees. they topped out 79 and lots of 80s for santa rosa, napa and i few records to report for salinas, 84 degrees. an santa cruz, 82. breaking the old record of 81 and stockton topped out in the mid-70s, 75 degree. coming up, we'll i'll let you know if we have another round of 70% in our sunday forecast? and maybe we could be talking about the slight chance of
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showers way in the long-range weather maps we'll have more coming up in a little bit. well, it feels more like spring-break in south lake rather than valentine's day. and why the less than ideal ski conditions and the resorts are in a much better spot than they were last year. plus, and it's a san francisco tradition and right now a major clean-up effort is underway here in san francisco. instead of hug and kisses, people were whaling on each other with pillows earlier. coming up, i will show you how easy it was for adults to turn into kids out here tonight. . look like fun. you might want to keep your eye on the water if you are going to be around san francisco bay tomorrow. the special sight you just may see between the golden gate and alcatraz. the 10:00 news continues in 90 seconds.
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. a pair of whales ventured into san francisco bay this afternoon, ktvu's debora villalon live on titreasure island and tells us why the whales might be coming to shallower water. >> reporter: it's not unheard of, they are migrating along the coast this time of year, so yes, occasionally they do stray into the bay, but it's an early rebehinder for boaters to watch out for them. >> the two of them just happened to pop up right next to us. >> reporter: petty officer was in a crew of eight on two boats doing
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training near alcatraz when two grays surfaced. >> unmistakable, go greys. they were heading into the bay, but with were able to see them for a few minute and they looked completely comfortable and happy. >> reporter: a gray whale can be as big as a bus and the one visible toes was 10-20' long and the other one possibly subamericad smaller and possibly a calf. >> the bay may remind them the baja lagoons that they give birth. >> they have narrow entrances and a lot of currents at entrances to the lagoons, and compare that to the golden gate and you have a similar situation. >> the difference here, a lot more potential for boat problems and human interference and that is why the coast guard warned of a whale's presence alert. and the coast guard crew that
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spotted them didn't tagalong. >> we were fi a hundred yards and kept that distance and we don't want to impede or hinder it in in any way. >> we don't want to love wildlife to death. we shouldn't want to love whisenhunt to death. >> reporter: federal law protects the whales from harm or harass. and 100 yards are the closest observers are able to get. a calf will die if separatedded from its mother and the whales are vulnerable journeying to alaska. >> right now we have females that are about to give birth or just gave birth and running on essentially an empty tank of gas. >> the shrinking icecap is dimiles per houring their grounds. >> in some way gray whale are poster childs for climate change because we're seeing dramatic impacts upon them. >> reporter: migration runs december to may and every spring the sanctuary issues the reminder warning those to watch out for whales,
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but heather, given it feels like spring out here, they may have to issue that warning a little bit early. >> yes, they certainly might and just hoping that the whales make it out. thank you, deb. animal rescuers in new zealand have saved 200 pilot whales who lost their way yesterday and got stranded on a stretch of land inindianapolis for trapping whales. despite efforts 140 whales died. the other 60 made it back into the water and now the weary crews are daling with the dead whales and hoping that they can be moved into the water to provide food. there was little sign that soldiers were observing the cease-fire or ukrainians through the it would bring peace. more than 25 people have died in battle since thursday.
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a separatist leader in a town under siege, is he said tonight the accord doesn't apply there. a high-speed chase near and along interstate 580 began when a woman saw a phorid ranger with her personalized license plate drive by as she was reporting the theft to police. officers then pursued the driver, who crashed twice before stopping near regatta boulevard. he was injured and airlifted to the hospital and his appearance suffered minor injuries. no one else was hurt. >> police say they found guns and drugs in the vehicle. charges have not been set and police have not released the names of the driver or the passenger. valentine' day is a day meant to celebrate love and for dozen of couple new york stock exchange alameda county, celebrating love meant tieing the knot. some came in their finery and owner in street clothes all came to get married. the alameda courthouse doesn't ordinarily open on weekends, but on valentine's day they
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make an exception. about 60 comes made their way there to say "i do? >> it's very special and we thought it would be a romantic day it get married. >> court officials say their offices were open for anyone who wants birth or death centers, but apparently there were no takers on that. usually people hit the slopes in february, but not this weekend. kevin oliver is at south lake tahoe where ski resorts doing their best to deem with the record temperatures. >> at heavenly ski resort the music was pumping like it was spring-break and so move so that people started to take their layers off. >> it's a little too hot. >>i had to take my sweater off and put it over my shoulders. >> i thought it would be really cold. i didn't know it would be this
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warm kind of getting really hot. >> reporter: with clear blue skies and mild temperatures skiers and snowboarders were just grateful there was still snow on the slopes. >> can you believe it's february? >> no, it's amazeing. >> reporter: heavenly reported 16" of new snow after last week's snow and at 9:00' in elevation there was still plenty of snow on the ground. >> it's great that this weather coincides with the holiday weekend just because people can come up and enjoy the sun and enjoy the snow. >> reporter: roads over the pass were clear. and there was no let up in the steady stream of traffic nat resort up to. the santos family from elk grove was happy to get in other weekend of skiing wondering if the warm weather would lost. >> we bought a season pass and, oh, really? we haven't gotten much use out it. >> reporter: some businesses are feeling the heat with lower elevation snow parks closed until it snows it again. >> weekend marks the hastway
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point in the season for the tahoe area. by comparison some resorts didn't open until this time last year due to a lack of snow. february 14th means tea time for thousands of cults to turn into kids again. >> this is my first time here and it's the best valentine's day i ever had, because we get all the of our frustration out. >> and the great san francisco pillow fight. we'll show you the epic battle between friends and families. >> looks like friend. >> tonight we look back on some legendary scenes that star san francisco. in weather the bay area in the clear right now. coming up i will let you know if we have more 70s in the sunday forecast? and the temperature change you can expect this coming workweek.
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san francisco's known for many things, but perhaps chief among them is its beauty with its spectacular setting. >> in 1996 the late bob shaw took a look at san francisco on the big-screen. >> it's kind of fun showing you foreman. >> apparently hollywood film makers feel the same. on film san francisco seems to have more than its share of crime and violence, hollywood has often portrays the city like that. >> what are you going to do boys some there is always something sinister happening under the golden gate bridge. >> this road leads under the
10:23 pm
bridge! >>according to movies, half our citizens are nut job or villain and other half are cop or detectives and one group is always stalking or chasing earth in 1948 "lady from shanghai," orson welles in chinatown and the same locations viewed today don't seem nearly as gloomy on on an overcast day. maybe it's the music or lighting, but it doesn't take much effort to make san francisco look scary. even play land at beach can give you the creeps. faze no wonder the city was alfred hitchcock's favorite. >> san francisco is the
10:24 pm
perfect setting for any great catastrophe. yet despite all of the real an cinematic craziness, san francisco survives, though as most people would imagine, in a somewhat altered state. in the 1948 crime drama "race street." bookie george raft drives on to california street from what is now the courtyard of the spanford court hotel and the view at the end of california is now almost obliterated by buildings. if this apartment building at hyde and greenwich looks familiar and the tennises are located now. it's $1947 "dark passage." and features some great shots of the city from half a century
10:25 pm
ago, including this view of the car turnaround long before tourisms lined up. bob shah for segment 2. great to see san francisco there on big-screen. we pulled san francisco in the movies from our archives for our sunday night show, second look. tomorrow night's show is i look at celebrities right after the 10:00 news at 11:00. >> a lot of great nostalgs. >>plus on a day that is supposed to be dedicated to love, a battle with feathers flying in a valentine's day tradition.
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. all right, how does this sound for the perfect valentine's day? stand in a middle of a crowd of thousand and pelt each other with pillows? this is how they do it folks in san francisco. cara liu live in the city where that massive pillow fight took place and they are still cleaning up. >> reporter: a couple of different city agencies are here right now, tackling this massive pile of fathers and this clean up effort will cost the city thousands of dollars at the very least and even though it's not a sanctioned event, this pillow fight has become a san francisco tradition. by dusk, the great san francisco valentine's day pillow fight was in full swing. >> so much love and it's so much fun. >> this is my 6th year and it's nice to see everybody come together for such a silly concept, but it mick you feel
10:29 pm
like a kid again. >> reporter: feathers flying and pillows slung at anyone within range. this wasn't for the faint of heart. >> it's our first time here and it's best valentine's day i ever had because we get all of our frustration out. >> reporter: there were epic battles between family and friends and couples. >> it didn't take long for stuffing and feathers to cover justin herman plaza and for pillows to be rendered useless. >> it's empty. it's dead. yes, we devoured our pillow. >> reporter: how long did it take? >> ten minutes [ laughter ] with a 6-year-old. >> [ laughter ] >> and for many there was relate safety in taking in the giant pillow fight as a spectator fight. >> it's fun to watch someone and see someone running around and smashing everyone and following them. >> i think i should import it
10:30 pm
to france. >> what a fun way to spend valentine's day. >> it's a lot of fun. next year, everybody has to come. >> reporter: the pillow fight ended shortly before 9:00 and police tell us at least one person was hurt after an accidental fall. also this event was shut down about 15 minutes head of schedule after a woman was punched in the face, but they tell us this was 99% peaceful with more than 1500 people in attendance. boy, that is certainly a big crowd. i was there a couple of years ago and i was hoping to be an observer and i saw you on the fringes there and next thing you know, i was getting pelted with the pillows. >> covered in feathers. >> yes. thank you, cara liu. drivers who cross san mateo bridge may have negatived new light. we want to show you video from pge that shows you cruises with 9 lights on the big towers. the lights are designed to alert pilots to the towers. pge hopes to install results on all 15 towers by the end of the
10:31 pm
month. the sonoma county corner identified the body of a woman body bound found last week. 30-year-old janelle mcgovern of santa rosa. palo alto police are look for the person who groped a man inside the macy's men's room at stanford shopping center. police released a sketch of that person, described as an hispanic male in his 30s with a mopeddum build. medium field build. >> this surveillance video was released and anyone with information is asked to call palo alto police. with tomorrow's deadline looming large for people to sign up for insurance, health care workers helen. >> reporter: fairs.
10:32 pm
in san pablo, seiu members helped people begin the process through covered california or medi-cal. state officials say the latest count shows 1.3 million people have signed you for the state- run exchange. those people who don't have insurance face a fine of $320 or 2% of their holiday income, whichever is greater. >> they will have to pay the penalty, some people not able to file taxes without health insurance it's really important. >> take note there is a little wiggle room about the deadline. covered california officials say those who start an application by tomorrow will have until february 20th to complete their enrollment. in santa clara neighbors near a popular park are rallying to keep it available for baseball. today in montague park was try out for little leagues, but their biggest rival by me soccer. the city council hired a designer to turn it into
10:33 pm
regulation soccer fields. neighbors have been campaigning to keep the park green and plan an outreach meeting for february 25th. there were blue roses and gerber daisies for sale at the san francisco flower mart, but the big sell are on valentine's day, of course, the red rose. many florists say valentine's is their big yet day of the year with mother's day coming in a very close second. florists we talked to today said they are seeping an uptick in sales over the last three years. the most extravagant shopper we heard about sends 400 red roses each year, but the florist says nobody buys her flowers. >> i bought these for myself because i never get rose on valentine's day, because my husband say why don't you want roses? you have roses every day. i say go to safeway and buy me some flowers and this is my favorite one. >> oh. normal retail federation says americans are expected to spend more than $2 billion on flowers
10:34 pm
this' valentine'sdae. >> big crowds to the tet festival at san francisco's united nations plaza. mayor ed lee wished the community a happy new year and praise the city's efforts to improve the neighborhood of lig saigon. later in the day the festival featured a lion dance and firecrackers. >> sunny and warm across the bay area and cold and snowy across most of the northeast. another winter storm is set so sock that region and officialed in one state have issued an arrest warrant -- the animal that they blame for their winter misery. more on our incredibly mild, warm weather. meteorologist mark tamayo has a little dip in temperatures in his forecast
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. homeowners and boston city officials are still trying to figure out what to do with all of the snow from their latest form is? and now they are going to get hit with another winter blast this weekend. more than a foot of snow expected in some areas is already england pennsylvania and listen it this new hampshire has put on arrest warrant for punxsutawney phil. >> no chance of snow in the bay area. bright, blue skies and brew, blue bay waters looking over the bay bridge from our cameras in the city today at a lot of sailors took the opportunity to get out and he enjoy this warm and sunny saturday afternoon. >> gosh it was certainly beautiful. let's check in with our meteorologist mark tamayo. >> great day to be outside. if you want to wish happy valentine's day to a friend in
10:38 pm
chicago, look at the current temperature there. it's 1 degree. >> wow. >> can you call them right now and say we're 60 degrees warmer in the bay area. >> we were warmer than key west, florida earlier this evening. >> i was seeing the observations comparing parts the country, almost around oahu as well towards honolulu. very impressive in the bay area. temperatures 10-14 degrees above the average and no big change for tomorrow. here is a look at national temperatures. look at single-digits tomorrows chicago and minneapolis. lots of 60s and right now 71 degrees in phoenix. the stormtracker heading way up to the north. i traced that in. that is a very impressive ridge pushing the stormtrack, towards portland and seattle. that is not the case. the stormtrack heading way up to the north, a sharp ridge. typically we can correlate that with warm temperatures and that is the condition this weekend. there is the 61
10:39 pm
in san francisco. live camera towards oakland, mostly clear skies, sunny and warm for sunday. extended forecast a little bit of a dropoff in temperatures, but these were all juvenile minor changes showing up. overnight lows first thing tomorrow morning, the coolest spots around 40 degrees. and napa, i suspect once again patchy fog in some of the north bay valleys especially towards the delta as well and the central valley. lots of sunshine in the sunday afternoon forecast. in fact, you can see it spelled out here. mostly sunny skies tomorrow. mild to warm with more 70s out there and february, 2015, remember last week we talked about the storms? we had that very active weather pattern, but looks like another dry stretch possible. had there is a chance of showers 27- 28th. so we're not seeing the rainfall we need and we're going to the other extreme with the dry conditions and very
10:40 pm
warm condition as well. this forecast model not producing much in the way of fog, but we could have patches locally dense in the north bay and towards the delta. and the temperature range once again by 3:00, in the upper 60s all the way back up to the upper 70s. so 68-78 degrees for your sunday afternoon. santa rosa 76, oakland, 76 and livermore, pleasanton. we're using this in february and you can see santa cruz 80s with a record for today and stanford 72. here is a look ahead, your five- day forecast and we're doing to cool things off by a few degrees. these are all the biggest changes you will see on the graphics. tuesday, wednesday, partly sunny skies. we're going from one extreme with the intense rainfall a week ago and now we're going back to the other extreme,
10:41 pm
sunshine and record warmth across the west. >> no rain on the long-term? >> maybe towards the last few days of february, but it's still too far out to say. >> all right, thank you mark. >> sure. >> coming up, celebrities take center stage at pebble beach, including ray roman yes, making a $50 bet with a fan. >> the best of the nba show off their skills including klay thompson and steph curry. next only sportswrap
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on saturday. they become somewhat a clichi, but there of special concern to warrior concern because of the large representation. steph curry heading up team curry in the shooting stars context, that is stef, with hissed dad and sue bird the wnba. team curry did not make it to the finals, it was team bosh, heading by chris boch and dominique wilkins with the shot at the 57-second mark that. team did include the wnba's swin cash was the winner in this event for the third year in successes. the skills context, finests were brandon night and houston's patrick beverley. right there, and he went home with the win. on to the 3-point context why klay tompson did this in the first-round. steph curry set the bar with 22
10:45 pm
point and thompson beat that with 24. it was curry putting on the show with 35 shots from beyond the ash arc, missing only five. the performance had the fellow all-star and seconds celebrities coming out their seats. a 360-degree spinner that got him into the finals. this was the coming out party for 19-year-old zac levine of the milwaukee bucks. with the right jersey and dunk


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